A Coordinated Way to Bio-profound Change

Physicists have as of late recognized the presence of particles called tachyons, a strong type of energy promoted by Star Journey. Be that as it may, tachyons are not sci-fi. Tachyons are molecule waves having a place with the lepton family that, as per the proof, neglect to submit to the law of gravity. At the end of the day, they seem to travel quicker than light.

Indeed, even typical quantum particles, for example, electrons have been displayed to convey “clairvoyantly” with one another a good ways off, as though associated at an etheric level. Without a doubt, a few individuals from mainstream researchers have ventured to such an extreme as to restore the Greek expression ether for the higher-layered energy medium that is “vacant” space. Despite the fact that for the most part expected in Western logical circles Einstein’s hypotheses naturally get rid of the requirement for a bound together energy field, really confirmed the opposite, expressing that “in hypothetical physical science, we can’t get along without” such a field — which, curiously, he alluded to as “ether.” different other logical expressions, including “dim energy” and “quantum medium,” have been utilized as of late to show the dumbfounding enthusiastic capability of what has for as far back as century been erroneously seen as nothingness.

Comparable discoveries have been arrived at in science. Sub-atomic researchers have distinguished a striking peculiarity — zero point energy — by which natural organic entities utilize quantifiably more energy than is feasible for them to separate from their everyday admission of food, water, and air. This peculiarity happens when the distance between two non-charged surfaces, like water and a cell layer, becomes unimportant, layered soundness (“lasing”) happens and, by most signs, complex “twist” energy (an expression begat by Eli demonstrate the spiraling activity of this energy) is drawn from the vacuum capability of the space network.

For those acquainted with the authoritatively recognized uses of Einstein’s speculations of Relativity

It ought to be not difficult to perceive how the simple presence of particles that move quicker than light as well as convey clairvoyantly through an etheric medium starts to disentangle a whole worldview for figuring out the actual universe. Regarding the matter of the “Disintegrating of Conviction” right after such rationale testing disclosures in quantum physical science, Charles Eisenstein in The Climb of Humankind states, “The entire thought of sureness of information, worked through true thinking, is just all around as solid as the objectivity at its premise. Question that, and we question the adequacy of the whole building of tentatively inferred information” on which our ongoing sciences, and the perspective associated with them, depend.

In this way we end up in the period of “sub quantum” science, in which our most noteworthy personalities end up attempting to make sense of apparently mystifying peculiarities having to do with clearly unthinkable, nonlocal occasions like remote review and ESP — to refer to two perplexing models that can now be conceivably made sense of as keen developments of higher-layered twist energy or widespread imaginative awareness. I recommend that tachyons and related molecule waves are types of non-gravitationally-bound or superluminal twist energy exuding elaborately from our starting place at the focal point of our universe.

The Vedic’s made an intricate science spreading over yoga

Contemplation and diet for pooling this higher-layered energy, which they named “prank,” into their bodies. The Taoists fostered a comparable science for developing “chi.” From the get-go in the twentieth Hundred years, Nikola Tesla conjectured the presence of “scalar” waves (hence promoted by Tom Bearden) that rise above spatial restrictions and are fit for acting momentarily a ways off. Tesla made a model scalar framework with the expectation of complimentary power utilizing no generators or wires. Afterward, Wilhelm Reich became renowned trying different things with “or gone” energy. Anther, prank, chi, scalar, or gone — all are names for the light-based part of the very otherworldly or twist energy that gave (and keeps on giving) ascent to the holographic multiverse.

My exploration recommends that life as far as we might be concerned relies upon a twofold helix, primarily like DNA, of two separated, communicating sorts of twist energy: 1) higher-layered thought or expectation appearing as light; and 2) sound in higher-layered octaves which, similar to its partner, is quantifiable as a standing winding wave fit for enacting DNA, for instance, with no time slip by across hypothetically endless distances.

To those considering how such waves could contain adequate data to (re)program DNA, it merits recollecting that we live in a world confused with electromagnetic waves that convey exceptionally complex TV, phone and radio transmissions that can be handily decoded with the right hardware. As per Richard Mill operator, a main theoretician in the field of quantum bio holography, considerably more data can be holographic ally encoded than with straightforward electromagnetic encryption. For functional purposes, the DNA particle is splendidly planned as a holographic twist wave-interpreting bio computer — one that polarizes inventive energy to it, and in this manner to our cognizance, that is lined up with our convictions.

Consider the possibility that, by acquainting mending sounds and goals with the genome, sounds and expectations that get from the very brought together twist energy of Source that I propose is only an approach to depicting the energy of unrestricted love, it is feasible to enter transposons in “garbage” or likely DNA to rework themselves and “play” the energy body in a higher octave, another on top of the limitless inventive cognizance of no localized mind. Imagine a scenario in which we can subsequently raise the music of our arrangement of electromagnetic fields and completely fall in line with our Higher Selves. Consider the possibility that by raising our vibratory recurrence from the inside, we can repeater our electromagnetic outline and seal the electromagnetic disturbance in our unobtrusive life systems I call the Fragmentary Body, permitting us to rise above restricting dualistic examples and components connected with these examples — physical, mental, close to home, and otherworldly.

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