Time Slots: The Next Big Thing in Time Travel

On Sunday morning, most individuals will lose one hour of sleep because of the time change. Few of us enjoy giving up an hour’s sleep, but it’s interesting to imagine that the time change actually transforms us into time travelers. It was 1:59 am, and then suddenly it was 3:00 am. We don’t know what happens to that hour, but if you want to celebrate this weekend by playing some time travel slots, here are five of our favorites…

Miles Bellhouse and the Time Machine’s Gears

This is a slot machine with a twist, and it does a fantastic job of making players feel like they’ve experienced time travel. It’s a cluster slot from Betsoft with a five-by-five grid, but instead of winning clusters exploding to make place for more, the opposite occurs. The winning cluster remains in place as the rest of the symbols in the grid respin, giving you the chance to add to your win.

After each spin, a metal pipe frame will be placed at one of five predetermined locations on the grid. Each spin will assign one of those positions at random, and if all five are filled with winning clusters, you’ll enter a bonus round with free spins.

In the Free Spins bonus, you can choose from three different options. You can use them to go back in time and hopefully do better, earn a multiplier in the here and now, or guarantee yourself at least 10 of a randomly chosen symbol on the reels in the future.

This game is an excellent place to begin your time travels because of its beautiful visuals, pleasant sound design, and potential payout of 1,084 times your wager.

Time Travel in “Wheel of Time”

The incredibly creative circular slot Wheel of Time will be released by Evoplay Entertainment in 2020. It has no reels, but rather three stacked concentric rings. A variety of blank symbols, prizes, and a ‘Next Wheel’ marker are distributed around the various circles.

The innermost circle will rotate when the spin button is pressed. The outcome is determined by the symbol displayed when it finally stops moving. If there’s a prize listed, you get it. If there is no answer, the game is over and you have to start over. The center reel will only be spun if the ‘Next Wheel’ indicator appears. If you get another ‘Next Wheel’ marker, you can spin the outer circle for a chance to win 100 times your initial wager.

Despite its simplicity, this game is well-designed and has all the quirks you’d expect from a slot machine with a time travel concept.

Forward in Time

Similar to how Marty McFly took a DeLorean to the future, you can take a yellow cab to the future in Trip to the Future. Evoplay’s five-reel slot takes place on a street with no name. The high card values from 10 to Ace, the taxi driver’s headgear, a nodding dog, a stick shift, a taximeter, and a roof light all make appearances on the reels. A wild is represented by a yellow cab.

Symbols that form winning combinations vanish from the grid to make room for a cascade, and subsequent cascades contribute to a Free Spins meter on the right side of the screen. If you’re lucky enough to activate the Free Spins bonus, your wins will be multiplied by a Wild Multiplier multiplier that can go as high as x5.

Cats from the Future

Time Travel Tigers demonstrates that humans aren’t alone in being able to travel across time. This 2018 release from Yggdrasil Gaming takes place in the mansion of a tiger inventor who happens to be a genius. He has constructed a time machine at his mansion, and it resembles a five-reel slot machine.

Hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds make up the playing card symbols on the reels, along with other mementos from your time travels.

If you get three or more Free Spins symbols, a random Free Spins mode will be triggered. There are four options here, so you might go back to the Ancient Egyptian era, the Middle Ages, the Stone Age, or the far-flung future. Different wild patterns appear with each spin in each era, such as diagonal wilds, cluster wilds, nearby wilds, and random wilds.

This is the perfect game for you if you enjoy artwork from the Victorian era but prefer tigers. Don’t then whine that you can’t remember how much time you wasted while playing!

Dangerous Hour

Finally, if you want to play with time this weekend, we recommend Red Tiger’s Wild O’Clock. This six-reel game, set to debut in 2020, is presented in the form of a grandfather clock. The suites of clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades appear alongside hands from several clocks and a sundial, sand timer, pocket watch, and alarm clock. The Wild is represented by the moon and sun.

The detailed visuals and mechanized sound effects aren’t the only things that set this game unique from the rest. At least in one regard, a Roman numeral counter at the top of the game will grow by one every time the reels spin. A random number of super wilds will appear every 12th spin. These take up the entire height of the reels to increase your chances of forming winning combinations.

You’ll get 12 Clock Spins if you get three Clock Spins symbols anywhere on the reels. These are the same as the regular free spins, but with a multiplier that rises as you do. On the 12th Clock Spin, you’ll also receive a random number of super wilds, just like in the normal game, but with the special multiplier in effect instead.

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